New project Jobs4Tech has began

The new project Job4Tech has began. The project is aimed to Align Vocational Training (VET) with the needs of the labour market in the new technologies sector, and specifically in virtual and augmented reality, to improve the employability of its students.2. Training of VET trainers in the integrated itinerary. NADE together with other project partners from Spain, Germany and Estonia will create strategies to adapt and integrate the competencies for employment and entrepreneurship to the technical competencies within the VET in the technological sub sector of virtual and augmented reality. Also, they will work on support the professional development of VET teachers and other professionals in the sector through the development of the competency approach and the updating of its technical contents in terms of virtual reality and improve and evaluate the key competences of VET students in the new technologies sector. All project partners will encourage transnational cooperation between organizations representing VET at European level, entrepreneurship and the public sector, to promote and disseminate inclusive and innovative pedagogical approaches in the field of new technologies.

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