2nd Vocational education and training and jobs for a technological and virtual future (JOBS4TECH) project meeting

4-5th of July, 2018 in Magdeburg, Germany was held second partners meeting of project Vocational education and training and jobs for a technological and virtual future (JOBS4TECH). The aim of the project is to adapt professional education and training (VET) to current vocational market needs of technological subsector of virtual and augmented reality in order to increase employability of VET graduates. 

During the meeting already achieved goals were discussed and also it was anticipated how virtual reality training for trainers will be implemented. Training is being created to prepare learners for labour market, improve their skills and competences according to tendencies and employee needs. Partners of the project have identified main competencies which will be implemented in the educational content and new virtual reality curricular. There were suggested few ideas for development of tool which will measure employment and / or entrepreneurship competences, discussed technological content for learning. 

Partners considered further dissemination and exploitation activities, reviewed next deadlines. NDMA in this project is responsible for identification of technical content for the acquisition of skills for employment and entrepreneurship in the virtual reality sector, composing the recommendations for creating itineraries in technological sector and also NDMA is responsible for quality assurance. 

More about the project: http://www.jobs4techproject.eu/

TEACH ME partners meeting in Girona

On June 12 – 16, 2018  at Girona, Spain NADE president Danguole Rutkauskiene along with two NADE representatives participated in project TEACH ME partners meeting, where the progress of project was discussed. 

During the partners meeting were presented developed multimedia resources and pilots of new continuing education courses: first results, participants’ feedback, possible improvements. Experts from NADE evaluated resources and course and gave the feedback for improvement. Furthermore, improved project website and further dissemination possibilities of TEACH ME project ideas and results. 


EDEN is proud to announce its 27th Annual Conference organised around the themes of micro, meso and macro learning aspects of distance and e-learning.

The demand for people with new, enhanced skills is growing. The volume of information produced and shared in all fields is overwhelming. Building the data economy became part of the EU Digital Single Market. Powerful and sophisticated ICT is part of everyday life, and the world of learning is not an exception. Pressure is on all players of the online education community to keep up with new learning solutions, and better supply the skills currently demanded by growing economies.

The EDEN 2018 Genova Conference will aim to respond to contemporary needs by...

  • exploring how the scholarly digital education community can help
  • sharing experience
  • digging deeper into finding viable, achievable and scaleable solutions
  • developing the knowledge required to understand the processes toward delivering solutions
  • learning more about didactical design through peer learning and scholarly observation
  • discussing structural and operational questions related to collaborative and social technologies
  • exploiting the socio-cultural specifics related to the granularity of learning
  • tracking and demonstrating evidence about the mechanisms and value chains across micro-, meso- and macro-learning

… and work along a variety of related themes.

More information at: http://www.eden-online.org/2018_genoa/news/

OOFHEC2018: the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference

In European universities three areas of provision emerge: degree education as the backbone of a university; continuing education and continuous professional development, which probably will exceed the number of degree students and open education which emerged mainly by the MOOC movement. Universities attempt policies and strategies to define their profile in these areas, which can be complementary to each other and to some extent interwoven.

OOFHEC2018 topics:

  • Blended and online education
  • Accreditation of online education
  • Quality Assurance in Blended and Online Education
  • Short Learning Programmes
  • Open education and MOOCs, European MOOC Consortium
  • Inclusiveness
  • Networked curricula and Virtual Mobility
  • Changing the educational landscape: new competences for teachers

More information about conference: https://conference.eadtu.eu/

The International Conference on Global Research and Education

The International Conference on Global Research and Education, Inter-Academia is an annual event organized every autumn by the Inter-Academia community, since 2002. This conference promotes the Inter-Academia philosophy among professors, researchers and students from the partner institutions – Shizuoka University, East-Central and Eastern European universities.

The main goal of Inter-Academia 2018 is to provide a well-articulated international forum to review, stimulate, and understand the recent trends in both fundamental and applied research, along with the associated educational programs and training for students. Besides the interest in recent research results, the conference aims to strengthen the cooperation between the partners of Inter-Academia community towards new theoretical and practical advances in research.

1. Material science and technology, smart materials;

2. Nanotechnology and nano-metrology;

3. Biotechnology and environmental engineering;

4. Plasma physics; 

5. Photonics;

6. Manufacturing technology;

7. Signal and Image processing;

8. Electric and Electronic engineering;

9. Measurement, identification, and control; 

10. Intelligent and soft computing techniques;

11. Modeling and diagnostics; 

12. Robotics; 

13. Precision engineering; 

14. Internet-based education, distance learning;

15. Multimedia and e-learning, techniques and materials.

More information about conference: https://interacademia.ktu.edu/#About

New project Jobs4Tech has began

The new project Job4Tech has began. The project is aimed to Align Vocational Training (VET) with the needs of the labour market in the new technologies sector, and specifically in virtual and augmented reality, to improve the employability of its students.2. Training of VET trainers in the integrated itinerary. NADE together with other project partners from Spain, Germany and Estonia will create strategies to adapt and integrate the competencies for employment and entrepreneurship to the technical competencies within the VET in the technological sub sector of virtual and augmented reality. Also, they will work on support the professional development of VET teachers and other professionals in the sector through the development of the competency approach and the updating of its technical contents in terms of virtual reality and improve and evaluate the key competences of VET students in the new technologies sector. All project partners will encourage transnational cooperation between organizations representing VET at European level, entrepreneurship and the public sector, to promote and disseminate inclusive and innovative pedagogical approaches in the field of new technologies.

For more information, visit project website: www.jobs4techproject.eu


Sunny Easter!

Call for Papers!
You are cordially invited!
Kindly submit your research papers at the International Conference being jointly organized by Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars, SDMIMD, Mysore, Karnataka State, India and the Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ), Dubai-UAE.
Your research papers/case studies/abstracts/poster presentations could be from any of the areas/topics in Global Business, Economics, Sustainability, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Human Resources, Human Capital, Knowledge Management, Marketing, Tourism, Hospitality, Social Sciences, E-Governance, E-Business and E-Management & Multiple Academic Disciplines.
Milan - Italy Conference
Conference Dates: June 30 - July 2, 2018
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan - Italy.
Paris - France Conference
Conference Dates: July 5 - 7, 2018
Venue: Mercure Paris Porte de Versailles Expo Hotel, Paris - France. 
Geneva - Switzerland Conference
Conference Dates: July 9-11, 2018
Venue: Novotel Genève Centre Hotel, Geneva - Switzerland.
Zurich - Switzerland Conference
Conference Dates: July 13-15, 2018
Venue: Crowne Plaza Zurich, Zürich - Switzerland.
A kick-off meeting of Jobs4Tech project in Madrid, Spain

On 10th and 11th of January, 2018, the president of NADE was participating in the first partnership meeting of Jobs4Tech in Madrid, Spain.

During the meeting, project partners presented their organizations, share opinions and attitudes toward the project theme as well as discussed about the project activities.

Formación Realidad Virtual (FRV) also presented various ways and forms of usage of Virtual Reality and introduced with new trends of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


International conference ALTA'17

International conference


Place: Santaka Valley (K.Barsausko str. 59 Kaunas)

Date: 16th of November, 2017

You are welcome to participate in the international conference "Advanced Learning Technologies”. The conference aims to be an opportunity to gather European educational actors, from policy makers to practitioners to researchers. At ALTA’2017 you will be able to present your research, projects and discuss your experiences in the field of e-Learning methodologies, educational projects, innovations and new technologies applied to Education and Research.

Form of registration

Conference is organized by Assoc. Prof. Danguole Rutkauskiene


EADTU Conference OOFHEC2017

EADTU is going to organise the conference "HIGHER EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE: accelerating and strengthening innovation" on 25-27 of October, 2017. Over the past years, universities have intensified a deeper transformation of teaching and learning in higher education, based on e-learning and online education. New modes of teaching and learning create new opportunities for enhancing the quality of the learning experience for on campus students, for reaching out to new target groups off campus and for offering freely accessible open education through the internet (OERs, MOOCs). They support the quality, visibility and reputation of the institution.


1. Strategies for the future of continuous professional development 

2. Open education and widening participation 

3. Research and innovation for new modes of teaching and learning

4. HE for a diverse future 

5. Engaging students for learning at all stages of life

6. Policies for change in Higher Education

7. Quality assurance and accreditation of online and blended higher education

Important dates

​Deadline for submission of abstract | workshop

1 May 2017

Notification of acceptance

15 June 2017

All accepted abstracts can opt for full paper publication under the OOFHEC2017 proceedings.

Deadline for submission of full conference paper of abstract

1 October 2017

Online full paper publication - proceedings

​​1 December 2017

For more information please visit here.


There was organised the 22nd International Conference on Information and Software technologies (ICST 2016)

At 13-15 of October there was held the 22nd International Conference on Information and Software tecgnologies (ICST 2016) in Druskininkai. The organiser of the conference - Kaunas University of Technology. ICIST 2016 aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Technology Applications. The conference will feature original research and application papers on the theory, design and implementation of modern information systems, software systems and IT applications.

The themes of the conference:

Information Systems:

  • Methodologies for Information Systems Development
  • Conceptual Modelling, Ontologies and Databases
  • Business Processes and Business Rules
  • Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Modelling
  • Distributed Information Systems and Semantic Web
  • Quality of Information Systems

Business Intelligence for Information and Software Systems:

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Knowledge-Based System Engineering

Software Engineering:

  • Software and Systems Engineering Methodologies
  • Model-Driven Development, SOA
  • Component-Based Development
  • Distributed, Mobile and Open Architectures
  • Cloud Computing Software Development
  • Security and Trust

IT Applications:

  • E-Government and Public Sector
  • Enterprise Applications
  • IT in Teaching and Learning
  • Internet of Things and Smart Environments
  • Wireless and Mobile Applications
  • Computer Graphis and Multimedia]

For more information please visit http://icist.if.ktu.lt/.


General Chair

Eduardas Bareiaa, Kaunas, Lithuania

PC Chair

Robertas Damaševičius, Kaunas, Lithuania

Local Organising Committee Chair

Giedre dregvaite, Kaunas, Lithuania

Local organising Committee





Over the past years, universities have intensified a deeper transformation of teaching and learning in higher education, based on e-learning and online education. New modes of teaching and learning create new opportunities for enhancing the quality of the learning experience for on campus students, for reaching out to new target groups off campus and for offering freely accessible open education through the internet (OERs, MOOCs). They support the quality, visibility and reputation of the institution.

The Conference will cover following themes:

  • National and institutional policies in the changing pedagogical landscape
  • Empowering universities for excellence in higher education, improving the quality of higher education
  • The modernisation agenda for European universities: education for innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship
  • Blended degree education on campus
  • Flexible continuing education (incl.CPD) and new types of courses (short learning programmes) to  accommodate 25+ students
  • Open education (OERs and MOOCs)
  • Learning analytics and learning technologies
  • Social inclusion and higher education for minorities (refugees, migrants)
  • Euro-Mediterranean cooperation


For more informations please visit - www.conference.eadtu.eu.


At 19th of May, 2016 was organised the international conference "Advanced Learning Technologies - ALTA'2016”. The conference aims - to be an opportunity to gather European actors involved in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), from policy makers to practitioners to researchers. At ALTA’2016 participants presented research, projects and discussed their experiences in the field of e-Learning methodologies, educational projects, innovations and new technologies applied to Education and Research.


  • e-learning policy and strategy 
  • strategies and approaches of Continuing and Professional Development (CPD)
  • scientific cooperation of academic and business institutions 


  • Web 2.0 - new media and ICT solutions 
  • video technologies for e-learning 
  • challenges of mobile technologies in education 




  • e-education process management and organization 
  • encouraging new competences and skills for teachers and students 
  • national and international dimensions for e-learning infrastructure



Record of the conference

Collection of the conference' articles


Additional information:

phone: +370 37 300612

e. mail: altaconference@gmail.com

conference website: www.ndma.lt/alta2016/



Invitation to SEEL-17 and SEEL-18 Conferences "SMART EDUCATION AND E-LEARNING"

Conference KES-SEEL-17 "SMART EDUCATION AND E-LEARNING" will take place in Portugal at 21-23 of June and the conference KES-SEEL-18 "SMART EDUCATION AND E-LEARNING"will take place in Australia at 20-22 of June.
SEEL is a major international forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, systems, findings and outcomes of research and design and development projects in the emerging areas of smart education, smart e-learning, applications of smart technology and smart systems in education and e-learning, smart classrooms and smart universities, and knowledge-based smart society. The proceedings of 2017 year conference will be published by Springer as book chapters in a volume of the KES Smart Innovation Systems and Technologies series, submitted for indexing inScopus and Thomson-Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) and the Web of Science.

Main Topics (a preliminary list):

1. Smart University: Concepts and Modeling
2. Smart University: Software and Hardware Systems
3. Smart University: Technology
4. Smart University: Curriculum and Courseware
5. Smart University: Smart Pedagogy
6. Smart University: Faculty and faculty development
7. Smart University: Research projects  and best practices
8. Smart University: National/international collaborative projects


July 15, 2016  - proposals (detailed table of content and 3-page long summary) due
Aug 01, 2016  - notification
Sep 15, 2016 - full papers (25-30 pages) due
Nov 01, 2016 - final decision
Dec 01, 2016 - final papers due
Dec 15, 2016 – a master model of manuscript will be moved to Springer
End of 2016 – publication

For more information about the conference please see here: http://seel-17.kesinternational.org/


On 7-8 October 2015 in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) the seminar on the questions of Open Educational Resources invites interested and devoted colleagues to share ideas.

Open Learning in Minority Languages: Chances and Perspectives , 7-8 October 2015

Tweebaksmarkt 25-27, 8911 KW Leeuwarden (Netherlands). Hosted by: The Mercator Research Centre (Fryske Akademy).

In the fast developing digital area, new opportunities address themselves for regional and minority languages to engage with other language communities or to engage others with their language. Open Education and Open Educational Practices (OEP) and Open Educational Resources (OER)  in that respect, are in ideal way to empower a small languages.

How can different language communities and cross-border collaboration advance the development of  OER? How can OEP be transferred to language communities with less financial resources and political support and how? What are the challenges and opportunities from a policy perspective on OER uptake? What is the added value of OER from a (small) language teaching perspective?

These and other topics will be addressed in a seminar taking place on the 7th and 8th of October 2015 in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). Both researchers, educators and policymakers in the field of regional and minority languages are welcome to participate in the seminar.

The seminar is organized by the European Commission funded Life Long Learning project LangOER and hosted by the Mercator Research Centre (part of the Fryske Akademy ).


Registration will open on the 1st of August 2015. For registration, send an e-mail to: mercator@fryske-akademy.nl.


Invitation to the seminar.

The international conference “Advanced Learning Technologies” – ALTA’2015

You are kindly welcome to participate in the international conference "Advanced Learning Technologies” on 7th of May, 2015 in Kaunas Hotel, Kaunas.

At this conference, scholars, experts in education, public and educational institutions will present the new methodological and technological solutions for the education system. The conference aim is to promote international cooperation in the development of Lithuanian science.




•     e. learning: policy and strategy

•     strategies and approaches of CPD

•     scientific cooperation of academic and business institutions


•     Web 2.0 - new media and ICT solutions

•     video technologies for organizing video lectures

•     challenges of mobile technologies in education

•     open educational resources and social networking



•     e. education process management and organization

•     encouraging programing skils for teachers and students

•     e. learning infrastucture: national and international dimensions

•     e. competences for leadership in education




Invitation to the conference

Registration to the conference

Conference Agenda



Additional information:

phone: +370 37 300612

e. mail: altaconference@gmail.com

conference website: http://distance.ktu.lt/alta2015/



Entrepreneurship and Leadership lessons for „GIRLS IN ICT DAY” 2015

Nowadays high-level professional women does not surprise anyone but willing to become one you need to start preparing for it at school. The entrepreneurship, IT skills and other gained skills has a special role in leadership for young people and competitiveness.

The third year in a row, we have been inviting girls to participate in various events initiated by EU for occasion of „GIRLS IN ICT DAY”. This year we offer you to participate in the Entrepreneurship and Leadership lessons which will be held on 25th April 2015 at Kaunas University of Technology.

We promise you exciting meetings with the representatives from IT sector, a bunch of useful information about the carrier planning opportunities in IT sector and entrepreneurship training, as well as many of pleasant surprises and prizes.

At the event, Assoc. prof. Danguole Rutkauskiene, the director of KTU JKM, introduces you to the opportunities of innovative informal education and Assoc. prof. Irena Patasiene will help you to gain some skills in entrepreneurship by playing the online business simulation game called „Kietas riesutas“. During this game you will gain basic theoretical and practical knowledge in IT and entrepreneurship. Modern virtual learning environment created together with “Women and Technology” will provide you an opportunity to create and develop a virtual community for further communication and consultations. 

We hope that these trainings will help you to develop your self-improvement, leadership, personal initiative, creativeness as well as broaden the knowledge about business and introduce with implementation of IT solutions in daily activities. Also we hope that it will help you to prepare yourself for active and significant participation in labor market.

Registration form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vmEPJMmrh_KsWbewhGhXIMzepxElvFWVGNTpu5azXXc/viewform?usp=send_form



SEEL-15 theme: Launching a New Vision in Education and e-Learning
Following on from the First International Conference on Smart Technology-based Education and Training 2014 (STET-14), SEEL-15 is a major international forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, systems, findings and outcomes of research and design and development projects in the emerging areas of smart education, smart e-learning, applications of smart technology and smart systems in education and e-learning, smart classrooms and smart universities, and knowledge-based smart society.
SEEL will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars, Ph.D. students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners to meet well-known experts from all over the world and to discuss innovative ideas and approaches, advances in smart technology and intelligent systems, state-of-the-art software and hardware systems, research findings and outcomes, best practices and case studies, national and international projects, institutional standards and policies, and many other topics related to smart technology-based education and corporate training.
IFIP TC3 Working Conference "A New Culture of Learning: Computing and Next Generations"

IFIP TC3 Working Conference "A New Culture of Learning: Computing and Next Generationsto be held from 1st to 3rd July, 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This is a Working Conference of IFIP Technical Committee on Education (TC3) focusing on developing new directions on Digital Technologies and Computing (Informatics, Computer Science) and in school education and higher education in an increasingly globalised world.

The goal of the conference is to bring together teachers, researchers, administrators, involved in teaching Digital Technologies and Computing or using Digital Technologies in teaching and learning. Members of IFIP TC3 WG 3.1/3.3/3.4/3.7 working groups are encouraged to suggest meetings, focus groups or professional groups.

More information.


Annual EDEN Conference "Expanding learning scenarios" Barcelona, 9-12 June 2015. Join the Conference in Barcelona to tell about your research, projects and experience. Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Submissions that relate to the Conference Scope and one or more of the Conference Themes are welcome in paper, poster, workshop and demonstration formats.

The Call for Contributions is available for download in PDF.

More information.

Annual Conference ITiCSE 2015

The 20th Annual Conferenc ITiCSE 2015 on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by Vilnius University. The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) is sponsoring the event.

The program of the conference will consist of keynote lectures, paper sessions, panels, working groups, tips and techniques, courseware demonstrations, posters, and exhibits. The conference also features opportunities to partake in excursions enabling attendees to see some of the surrounding district and mingle in a less intense and formal environment.

The conference will begin with the Working Groups, which start their sessions on Saturday morning 9.004 July, 2015 and will continue working until Wednesday 8 July, 2015. Registration for Working Groups will be on Friday evening, 3 July, 2015.

The main conference starts on Monday 6 July, 2015 and ends on Wednesday 8 July, 2015. The opening ceremony will be held in the old Vilnius University building on Sunday, 5 July, 2015.

More information