Project No: 2017-1-LT01-KA204-035199

Coordinator: NDMA

Partners: DEFOIN, EIC, I&F, ViLabs

The aim: to engage low skilled adults for recognition of the existing skills and competences and to develop new skills and competences by taking NOOCs method based training programme.

Tasks: To increase the motivation and reduce disparities in learning outcomes of low skilled adults by suggesting  digital program  based on NOOCs method for new skills and competences development;

Target group: low skilled, low qualified people and disadvantaged groups.

About: In European dimension, an important issue that has still to be explored is the applicability in contexts where competences and skills owned by low qualified have to be considered. In this case, equivalence rules enabling a comprehensive comparison of qualifications from different education and training systems are often unavailable.

Low skilled were generally seen to have the same training needs as co-workers, usually because the business had ‘standard’ training provision in place for all employees. However, in a few instances, low skilled required different or additional training, most commonly to improve their social and job skills or to address cultural and communications issues.

ADU-NOOC will assure the recognition of the existing competencies by using assessment tool and will encourage the development of new competencies for low skilled people in Europe. According to the Strategic framework – Education & Training, 2020 Adult learning is crucial for low qualified people as they may require different skills from those that they used in their countries of origin for their new careers.