Project name: DigitalCulture: Improving the Digital Competences and Social Inclusion of Adults in Creative Industries

Project code: 2018-1-RO01-KA204-049368

Coordinator: UPT


The aim of the project: to create a sustainable and efficient education program dedicated to adult learners with low digital skills and low-qualified adults involved in creative industries sector from Romania, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, UK and Ireland.

The objectives:

1. To enhance awareness of the need for training in digital skills for the creative industries and to design the Guidelines for Digital Competences for Creative Industries

2. To create an Integrated Virtual Learning Hub for the digital skills and social inclusion for creative industries and culture course as a blended learning and online course (MOOC).

3.To improve the achievement and recognition of digital skills through formal and informal learning by introducing Digital Skills e-assessment and Open Badges for adult education in creative industries.

Target group:  adult learners with low digital skills and low-qualified adults involved in creative industries sector

About:  The shortage of digital skills in Europe reported in 2016 in “European Digital Progress Report EDPR” of European Commission: 45% of Europeans have insufficient or no digital skills. Based on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) index of 2017 there are big differences between the countries that are partners in this project. Denmark has one of the most advanced digital economies in the EU, while Lithuania and Austria are in the middle, but Romania and Italy have the lowest scores on the DESI.

The project will directly train 1,200 people online and through blended learning. A further 25,000 people – members of local communities, adult education centres, universities, associations which support enhancing digital skills, policy makers and local and regional government bodies – a significant group which will benefit indirectly from activities organised by the project.