Project title – Educational content modernization using new methods and tools for competences development of educators.

Project no.  EEE-LT08-ŠMM-01-K-02-033

Project coordinator – Kaunas University of Technology

Project partners:

  • Baltic Education Technology Institute
  • Flexible Education Norway
  • Kaunas Region Education Center
  • National Association of Distance Education

The aim of the project is to increase the participation of the staff of educational institutions in lifelong learning activities by improving and developing the competences of the educators (pre-school, general, vocational training) in the area of educational learning content modernization as well as in the methods practice, based on the new ICT tools and approaches.

The goals of the project are:
1. to promote international cooperation and to improve the competences of educators in the area of the content modernization by applying new learning methods and technologies;
2. to create and describe new learning methods, that are designed for educational content modernization, by applying new technologies.

The target group of the project – the pedagogical and administrative staff of pre-school, general, vocational training and higher education institutions; the pedagogical and administrative staff of education centers and the pedagogical and administrative staff of educational providers.

It is intended to improve the cooperation, to strengthen the abilities of project participants during the training in Norway. Also to participate in the learning process of gamification elements practice and in the development process of the model together with all the partners from Norway and Lithuania. Norwegian experience transfer, by applying and developing gamification models in educational processes, has a very important role in the project, as in Lithuania there is a well-developed technological (ICT) infrastructure, but the problem still remains in the field of renewable and effective ICT using for the modernization of content, as the representatives of the Norwegian authorities FuN has an extensive experience in applying innovative learning methods, – their experts develop ICT-based learning models in different sectors of the educational institutions, also actively participate in the process of quality assurance in educational institutions.
In solving the better use problem of infrastructure in the project, it is provided to create: the model of gamification elements for learning processes; recommendations for educational staff of ICT-based content modernization by applying gamification methods and mobile technologies in practice. It is also provided to organize the trainings, to implement integrated project website for the exchange of good practice examples and dissemination of activities and results. The exchange of good practice between the Lithuanian and Norwegian institutions will be presented in the international conference, which will be held in Lithuania at the end of the project, where the partners will present the implemented results. The implemented results will be also presented in international conference by preparing scientific articles and divisive material. Eight participants of the project will take part in the internship (mobility) and twenty participants will take part in the practical trainings. The project idea is to promote inter-institutional cooperation in the field of education between the educational institutions of pre-school education, general education, vocational training and non-formal education in Lithuania and Norway. The results implemented during the project will provide for the staff of Lithuanian educational institutions an opportunity to apply and develop new learning methods and gamification elements to enrich the learning process. Also recommendations to apply and develop new methods and tools for educational content modernization will be provided.

The results of the project will provide an opportunity to implement new ICT-based learning methods and use gamification elements in the learning process to enrich the learning (self-learning) methods or the modernization of learning (self-learning) instruments not only for the partners of the project, but also for all the staff of educational institutions in Lithuania.